Through months of careful study, assessment, and planning, the Kappa Sigma Nu Association has developed exciting plans to conduct a major renovation of the Chapter House for Phi Delta Theta at Oregon State University. The emphasis of the project will be on providing essential renovations to the infrastructure of the house. In all areas, the architects have been instructed to address mandatory building and fire code requirements. Their aim is a high-quality facility and a safe living and learning environment.

Project Highlights:

  • Replace roof

  • Install new windows, wood siding, and reseal the brick on the first floor

  • Repair the parking lot

  • Provide ADA access walkway to entry

  • Replace electrical systems: wiring, internet, and CATV

  • Install new HVAC system

  • Upgrade plumbing fixtures

  • Upgrade fire sprinkler system

  • Add new workout area at the former laundry room in the basement

  • Update billiards room with new game tables

  • Renovate and repurpose larger room to double as a study/computer lab

  • Library – expand by removing the main vault wall

  • Guest room – replace with a women’s restroom and new laundry room

  • Housemother’s apartment – remodel into dual-purpose rooms: resident advisor’s studio and ADA guest room

  • West head – facelift the fixtures and finishes

  • North head – reduce showers to three, facelift the fixtures and finishes

  • President’s room – expand into former north head shower space as an executive meeting room

  • Install new rubber flooring in all sleeping porches

  • Replace all study room doors and frames (hollow metal)

  • Provide new steel wardrobe cabinets; wardrobes will lock and serve as a closet with four drawers

  • Provide new desktops, shelves, and file drawers

  • Provide plywood substrate to all walls; balance of exposed surfaces to be reclaimed wood paneling

  • Rewire all rooms, both line and low voltage; no common room penetrations; all lighting to be LED

  • Re-insulate all room walls

  • Add new heating unit to all rooms (type TBD)

  • Add acoustical ceilings and carpet tile flooring to all rooms

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